Renewable Energy in New Jersey

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New Jersey’s electricity provider, PSE&G, is involved in many renewable energy projects. This large utility formed as a merger of many smaller utilities and provides a large portion of the power supply of New Jersey. Installing solar panels on electrical poles is only one initiative, this company has a lot of solar and wind projects under construction, and is repairing the damage caused by power generation from nonrenewable fuels.

Street lights are receiving some major upgrades. The older street lights use a mercury vapor process to produce light, and the newer systems will replace these lights with fluorescent installations. According to PSE&G it is the first utility in the entire United States to install these new fluorescent inductment lights.

PSE&G is the recipient of a 2005 Smart Growth Award. PSE&G is cleaning up the pollution caused by oil and gas power generation, including groundwater and soil remediation, according to New Jersey Future. There are a lot of sites in New Jersey where petroleum based power generation has caused lots of damage. This utility plans to clean up 38 manufactured gas plant locations, in partnership with the New Jersey government.

PSE&G is in partnership with other companies to set up renewable energy projects. The utility is working with Deepwater Wind to set up offshore wind turbines. Deepwater Wind specializes in wind farms and is working on other East Coast projects that include the Block Island Wind Farm and the Rhode Island Sound Wind Farm. The Rhode Island wind farm is slightly larger than the Garden State Offshore Energy wind farm, with a maximum capacity of 385 MW compared to the 350 MW size of the New Jersey project. The Block Island wind farm is much smaller at 28.8 MW, according to Deepwater Wind.

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