Many skateboards are made from plastic, which is made from petroleum, which is not a renewable resource. There are alternatives made of wood, and I did have a wood longboard at one point. To be truly sustainable, the wood used in the skateboard must be harvested in a sustainable manner. Bamboo grows everywhere and is not endangered, so it is a good choice to purchase a bamboo skateboard.

One of the major manufacturers of sustainable skateboards is Comet Skateboards. Since environmentalism is part of this firm’s brand, they use additional techniques to ensure that their boards do not harm the earth. Comet is a B Corporation. The main types of corporations are C corporations and S corporations. Most well known corporations are C corporations as they have more flexibility when offering shares to the public, although an S corporation has some tax advantages. A B corporation is not a government regulatory classification, so B corporations also register as a C or an S corporation. B corporations are corporations who have made a decision to gain an additional environmental certification.

Another company which produces sustainable skateboards is Super Green. This manufacturer has two main claims. Its boards are made from bamboo, so there are no issues with using rare hardwoods in the rainforest which can’t be farmed. Super Green also produces its skateboards with a special glue. According to the company, it uses a low VOC epoxy. Many wood products, including products made from sawdust, use glues which emit large amounts of volatile organic compounds. Adhesives containing formaldehyde and other substances can produce toxic gases. Super Green mentions that it intends to use soy binders in the future. Soy based glues are a great alternative to many current adhesives.

Many skateboard manufacturers also produce lines of clothing. When a company claims that its boards are environmentally friendly, it is consistent to make sure that the shirts and pants the company sells also include environmental design principles. The Arbor Collective is one company which produces a clothing line. The firm originally produced bamboo skateboards. Now it also produces clothing and fabric made from bamboo. Arbor Collective also mentions that bamboo resists fungi and mold, which is a useful attribute for both skateboards and skater clothing.