After conducting a SEO audit, I noticed that I had a lot of tags. There were nearly 500 tags, and many were only used once. This made the tags less useful for readers who wanted to look up information about specific topics. So I reorganized the tags. Most of the tags have been deleted. The remaining tags cover broader categories and now refer to multiple posts.

Aside from that, I also added descriptions for each tag. The descriptions help readers understand what types of articles appear under each tag. And if you don’t know a lot about environmental topics, some of the tag descriptions discuss important environmental concepts. The tags aren’t meant to provide up-to-date news and are designed to provide evergreen descriptions of environmental topics.

I also changed the theme of this blog. The original theme, LonelyTree, served its purpose for a long time. But using a theme from 2010 might not be the best choice for mobile readers. So the new theme should be easier to read on a smartphone. Other than that, there should be fewer theme-related errors. But the posts themselves haven’t been changed or updated. They’ll just be easier to read on mobile devices and easier to find now.