Several insurance companies have set up environmental programs. The previous article covers the health insurers Aetna, CIGNA, and Blue Cross Blue Shield. In this article, the health insurers Humana, Wellpoint, and Health Care Service Corporation are covered.

Bicycling benefits are a unique feature provided by the health insurer Humana. Humana offers B Cycle, a bike sharing program that it set up along with two other organizations, Trek Bikes and the CPB Group, an advertising agency that mentions several other green campaigns it has worked on including this Reality Coalition ad reported by Treehugger. Bike sharing is useful in cities where there may not be much space to store bicycles. Bike sharing is also used on college campuses, since bicycles can cost hundreds of dollars which is a big expense for a broke college student. Humana’s other bicycling initiative is called Freewheelin. This bicycle sharing program also reports statistics about the bicyclists such as miles traveled, inspiring friendly competition between communities. Humana mentions on the Freewheelin site that anyone who shows ID and a credit card for the deposit can borrow a bike for free at one of its Resource centers, which is very useful if you’re traveling and want to rent a bicycle without paying an extra charge. Very helpful in certain cities that have many bike trails. According to Freewheelin locations include Henderson, AZ, Mesa, AZ, and Tamarac, FL.

Wellpoint is a health insurance company involved in forest replanting and green IT. Because of its programs in electronic communication and record storage, Wellpoint won an award as a Top Green IT company from Computer World. Computer World is a magazine that covers many topics in computer software, hardware, and IT system setups for businesses. Wellpoint worked with Dell Computers on a forest replanting initiative, and also set up green IT practices including reduced energy consumption and clean fuel usage to power its systems. Green IT systems include those mentioned in the Fuel Cells and Servers article on this blog.

Health Care Services Corporation mentions its disaster relief efforts. HCSC is a licensee of Blue Cross Blue Shield, and operates as a separate company. Along with working with Wellpoint on its green IT initiative, HCSC is also active in disaster relief. HCSC sent out donations after Iowa Floods and also worked with Blue Cross Blue Shield on relief for Hurricane Gustav.