Demand Studios is a company that pays freelance writers to write articles about many different topics. The main advantage of this site is that there are lots of article jobs available, which saves a lot of time searching for assignments elsewhere. The site focuses on how to articles that are posted at sites such as Ehow.

The editors want to hire people who know how to write for the web. It is helpful if you have a blog since it demonstrates that you are familiar with writing for an internet audience. Other articles at online magazines or newspapers are also helpful. The application does allow you to submit samples of your work, but the more information you can provide, the better.

Research is important when writing for Demand Studios. Make sure that the articles you submit show off your research knowledge. It is especially important to show that you can provide source material for How To articles such as installing a car stereo or building a fence. The acceptable articles include references to reputable sources, so your sample articles should include useful references.

Make sure your resume focuses on writing. Like with other writing jobs, showing that you have written for several years is helpful. It is not necessary to have a university degree in a writing major such as English, Communication, or Journalism, although it does help. Include details such as college newspapers and magazines that you have written articles for or edited.

Learn their style. It’s not wise to send in samples of generic articles, articles written for school projects, or articles written for unique projects such as research papers or grants. The style involves simple How Tos that target searchers who look up keywords on Google, so you are writing for readers who have no knowledge of a specific subject. Read some of the articles on Ehow to get an idea of the desired format. Articles do not use long sentence constructions or passive voice.