And I’m halfway through it now. I’ll be posting every day during this month, as part of a blogathon event which is being hosted by Word Count. The link contains lists to everyone else who is posting this time around, and there are now more than a hundred participants.

Why participate in a blogathon? Several reasons. There will be prizes awarded, and many of them are geared toward making the blog posters better writers. I could definitely use that help. I didn’t study journalism, communication, English, or one of the other fields that trains students to become professional writers. I studied business, specifically cost accounting. Nobody was hiring cost accountants when I graduated so I had to find other work, and writing work is available.

Also trying to build my site up more. I do intend to use this site as a portfolio to apply for writing contracts, although that is not its main goal. After realizing that many employers wish to have writers write for free for them, or keep 90% of the profits or something similarly unreasonable, I wondered what value the employer brings to the table. CPAs, pharmacists, and other professionals will not hire workers under the kinds of terms that media and journalism, as well as political, organizations commonly offer. I am glad the federal government is cracking down on unpaid internships now, as it was becoming abusive. The challenge with writing online is mostly promotional, setting up a quick WordPress blog and putting up some Adsense banners isn’t that hard. The tricky part is getting blog traffic and readers. The main requirement here is that you’ve got to know how the search engines operate, and it helps to be able to write about many different subjects quickly. Why quickly? It’s not cost effective to spend 20 hours to write an article unless you’re getting paid hundreds of bucks for it, so a lot of these posts go up in an hour or less. Better to stick to a topic you know, for me that’s finance or chemistry, for you it may be something else.