Ever notice how many games have achievements these days? Especially on Facebook it is becoming a fad. Your business made $1,000,000 in an hour, achievement unlocked. You reached level 100, achievement unlocked. Trade in the skill points for the achievement and make your character better.

The reason this works is a psychological trick. Video games include the achievements in their design to keep you addicted to a game and keep paying the developers money. Combined with other elements such as randomized rewards, it greatly improves replayability, you never feel that the game is over and you can quit the game and play a new one.

So why not use this method in business? It’s possible to set achievements as goals for any type of business you want to start. A blog includes goals as well. For example, you can create an achievement for blog viewers. 1000 unique views in a day, achievement unlocked. 20,000 views in a month, achievement unlocked. Revenue metrics are another goal. 10 ad clicks in a day, achievement unlocked. 50 ad clicks in a week, achievement unlocked.

Setting this up, like setting up a budget or recording expenses, does not require any special software. A spreadsheet program works fine, a lot of people use MS Excel, I use Open Office because it is free and it can save and import many different types of files. Separate the types of achievements into categories, and list each achievement in a category. Then, place the date the achievement is met next to each individual achievement. It will help greatly with motivation; it is harder to go from $0 to $1000 than it is to go from $1000 to $2000, since you just have to increase your effort doing what you already know is effective.