My name is Eric Novinson, I have studied accounting at Humboldt State University. I wanted to tell people about green accounting, so I decided to start a blog to inform others about the area. I also write about sustainable marketing, green technology, environmental grants, and review businesses to explain how environmentally sustainable they are.

You can also reach me at enovinso AT hotmail.

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  1. Like yr article although you are unraveling several issues. The effects of fragrances are very different for leave on (skin)products vs rinse off. My opinion is anything that could go down the drain should only contain ingredients that undergo a serious review for it’s biological and environmental fate. REACH in Europe is providing the global markets much progress in this regard by a registration review. REACH has already caused product withdraw as it also impacts the economic viability or scale of borderline ingredients. One doesn’t have to be an absolute expert in fragrance chemistry to ask mfgers to be more responsible. The concerns around non fragrance contributing additives is deserving as their use was hidden by trade secret protection. I believe in formula rights but it should not be abused. For example, FMA made a purposeful argument to allow solvents used in reed diffusers that violated CA VOC regs. The solvent, used in carpet cleaners, was claimed to be a fragrance ingredient key to airfreshening performance and therefor protected by trade secret and an exception to the regs.
    I do believe fragrances have a vital role if they help promote public health in cleaners. If people want to adorn themselves with fragrance I support that right and the creativity of perfumers to bring it to an art form.