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North Coast Energy Independence Grants

Posted by on Wednesday, 14 April, 2010

A team of workers in the North Coast of California has been awarded grant funding from the federal government to help make houses and other buildings in Humboldt and other counties energy efficient. Humboldt State University students and alumni, as well as municipal staff and workers at consulting firms, successfully gained $4.4 million in grants that will be distributed by North Coast local governments.

Program funds are awarded through the California Energy Commission. As the commission received a total of $30 million for this program alone according to Humboldt State University, more grant money is available to other municipal governments that submit grant applications. Sonoma County received funds from this program as well. The Sonoma County Energy Independence serves as a model for the other counties covered in the application. According to Sonoma County, other North Coast counties distributing grant funds from this program include Mendocino, Lake, Del Norte, Trinity, and Siskiyou.

The California Energy Commission received grant money from several federal programs under the Recovery Act, for a total of $314.5 million in federal funding. The State Energy Program received the largest amount of federal funding, $221 million. This program is the main source of funding for the construction covered by the Home Star Program. The Home Star program provides rebates of up to several thousand dollars to reduce energy usage in residential housing. The State Energy Program adds funding for additional projects. For example, it includes grants to state and county governments to add insulation and repair the windows of state office buildings. This program also provides funding for green jobs programs. Often found at community colleges, such as College of the Redwoods, classes train workers about health and safety so that they can work in new careers. The state energy program also provides subsidized loans to businesses, so they can retrofit commercial buildings while borrowing at much lower interest rates than they would normally receive.